TechLadies Bootcamp #4 - Program Details

The TechLadies Bootcamp #4 is a 12-week part-time accelerated learning program designed to help women with some basic programming background become professional programmers. You will be guided by industry experts, creating products for non-profit organizations using the Javascript programming language.

This program is held in Singapore from 1 Sep - 17 Nov 2018 and costs SGD550. Full scholarships are provided for people with financial difficulties. We welcome women of all backgrounds and nationalities to apply, and only 6 ladies will be selected for this program. These ladies will form teams of 3, with one team working on a front-end project and one team working on a back-end project.

If you are selected to participate in the TechLadies Bootcamp #4, you are required to:

  • work on your assigned project at least 15 hours each week, inclusive of attending in-person sessions

  • attend at least 80% of in-person sessions happening on every Saturday (between 1 Sep - 17 Nov 2018), 1pm - 6pm

  • participate in a written interview and write a technical article (on a topic of your choice) for the TechLadies blog

  • do a team presentation on your assigned project at the TechLadies Graduation Party in Jan 2019

Don't worry if it sounds scary! We're here to help you at the bootcamp! 💪💪💪

Program Timeline

To apply to the TechLadies Bootcamp #4, you need to complete an application form AND a simple technical task. Applications open on 26 Jun and close on 13 Aug. Join our mailing list to receive updates, right in your inbox!

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26 Jun

Info Session

We will announce the NGOs we are helping, application details, and what TechLadies Bootcamp #4 participants will get to learn in the bootcamp. RSVP for the Info Session at this link.

26 Jun

Application Opens

Women interested in applying for the TechLadies Bootcamp #4 should come back to this site to fill up an application form and complete a technical task. (The application form will be available on 26 Jun.)


Pre-Bootcamp Workshops 1 - 3 (Optional)

3 pre-bootcamp workshops will be conducted to equip women with basic programming skills to code complete their application technical task. There will be 3 sessions teaching Javascript and CSS.


Code Clinic (Optional)

To help women with their submission apps, there will be 2 Code Clinic sessions where women attend to ask questions & get help. You can choose to attend one or both sessions.

13 Aug

Complete and submit your Technical Task by 13 Aug, 2359 hrs

Applications close on 13 Aug so make sure you submit your completed Technical Task and application form to be considered for the Bootcamp.

25 Aug

Application results

Bootcamp applicants will be notified of their application statuses, on a rolling basis, latest by 25 Aug. You may be contacted if we have questions about your application, so do keep your eyes peeled on your email inbox!

Sep - Nov

TechLadies Bootcamp #4

Participants will need to code 15hrs/week, inclusive of attending in-person sessions every Sat during 1 Sep - 17 Nov.

Bootcamp #4 Coaches & Designers

Lim Chee Aun

Chee Aun is a Senior Software Engineer at Tech in Asia where he focuses on front-end architecture, user interface design, and user experience. He loves working on various programming side projects, one of which is called app that was mentioned by Dr. Yaacob Ibrahim. Chee Aun enjoys designing logos and printing stickers for his geeky friends.

Chen Hui Jing

Hui Jing is a developer, author, and speaker from Singapore who loves to play with live demos on stage. Reducing lines of code in her web projects makes her extremely happy. She used to play basketball professionally and launched her web career during between training sessions. There is nothing Hui Jing cannot do, except for writing speaker bios that make sense. Hui Jing is also the co-organiser of Talk.CSS, the first CSS-centric meetup in Singapore.

Yishu See

Yishu is a software engineer at Carousell, focusing on the web and iOS. 6 years ago, she stumbled into software engineering crafting eDMs and microsites in the day and teaching herself web technologies in the night. Out of office, Yishu likes to hike and watch travel variety shows.

Amanda Oh

Amanda is a former banker turned software developer one and a half years ago. She is a developer with Thoughtworks now, working with clients on building quality software. She’s enjoyed every bit of her learning journey and very much look forward to helping anyone keen on picking up programming.

Saloni Kaur

Saloni is a Software Developer at ThoughtWorks. She’s really passionate about solving problems through technology and about more females getting into the STEM industry. She has participated in various hackathons and entrepreneurship bootcamps. Teaching is the best way to learn is a quote she lives by. She has a golden retriever, named Happy whom she highly adores!

Tan Jun Qi

Jun Qi is (yet another) software developer at ThoughtWorks whose expertise is in full-stack web development, working with Rails and now React and NodeJS. She has extensive experience teaching programming to beginners, having coached the last batch of TechLadies as well as volunteering multiple times as a teaching assistant for her university’s introductory programming course. She’s super excited to be working with the first all-female coaching team for TechLadies in the most gender-balanced coaching batch thus far, and really wants to fight for the growth of gender diversity in the industry. Rawr!

Pearly Ong

Pearly is a tender management executive by day, and a freelance graphic designer by night. Having graduated from the last TechLadies Ruby on Rails bootcamp, she will now be putting her existing and newfound skills to use, and assist with the UI/UX aspect of this bootcamp.

Esther Yip

Esther (Jing Xin) is a user experience designer and researcher. She is currently in GovTech, transforming digital services for the public. Her previous work experiences include IBM Interactive Experience, General Assembly, as well as being an independent UX consultant for startups. Her passion for social impact leads to regular collaborations with various local non-profit organisations and social enterprises.

Weiman Kow

Weiman is a user experience designer who is interested in the intersection of technology and social impact. She has a background in illustration and has worked as an educator before, training the a team of volunteer educators for Google’s Code in the Community programme to teach programming to 3,000 underprivileged kids. She loves science fiction and believes that women should be larger part of designing for a more empathetic technological future.

When is the next TechLadies Bootcamp?

Batch 4 of the TechLadies Bootcamp happens between 1 Sep - 17 Nov 2018. Applications open on 26 Jun and close strictly on 13 Aug.

What programming language will I be learning?

Batch 4 of the TechLadies Bootcamp will only be teaching the Javascript programming language only, with one team working on a front-end project and one team working on a back-end project.

Who is the TechLadies Bootcamp designed for?

The TechLadies Bootcamp is designed to help women with some basic coding background to switch careers into the tech industry. You should be at least 21 years old, or at an age where it is impossible for you to be formally educated in Computer Science. We will also guide you through writing your resume, preparing for tech interviews and make introductions to recruiting companies.

What is the success rate of TechLadies Bootcamps?

We have conducted 3 TechLadies Bootcamps since launch, training 30 women. 9 of our graduates have successfully gotten a software development internship or junior developer roles, with more in non-engineering roles in the tech industry.

Can foreigners join this program?

Yea, sure! As long as you can be in Singapore legally throughout the 12 weeks, you are welcome to apply! Our previous batch saw folks from Malaysia, China, U.K, Singapore, U.S.A, Indonesia, and Australia. We are unable to help with securing a visa or other paperwork, so please make sure that you are good to participate.

What is the level of commitment required for participants?

This coding program is a part-time program. Still, you are required to attend sessions on every Saturdays (1 - 6pm) and code on your own throughout the week, committing at least 15 hours per week between 1 Sep - 17 Nov 2018.

What is the format of this program?

You will through a hands-on experience and our coaches will be here to guide you. Throughout the week, you are expected to work on the project with our coaches checking in on your codes and answer any questions you have. This will happen online. On Saturdays, we will meet in-person to learn new concepts and revise old ones.

How much does this program cost?

We did not create TechLadies to make money, but we need money to keep TechLadies going. As such, this program costs SGD550 to participate. Full scholarships are provided for women from low-income backgrounds and cannot afford the fees. You may request for a scholarship on the application form.

Are there any prerequisites for application?

Yes! We learned that it is important for TechLadies Bootcamp participants to have some sort of programming foundation in order to build a web product that will be used by the NGOs. Hence, you will need to complete a technical task before applying to the TechLadies Bootcamp.

Don’t worry; we are here to help you acquire the skills you need to complete the task with a series of pre-bootcamp workshops!

How do I apply?

You will need to complete a technical task before you can apply for the program.

How are participants selected?

Participants are selected based on their commitment level, passion for learning how to code and ability to successfully transit into the tech industry.

Is the TechLadies Bootcamp only for women?

Yes! As we are trying to improve the gender ratio in the tech industry, the bootcamp is only for women and those who identify as one.

Applications are not opened. To be notified when applications for the TechLadies Bootcamp #4 open, please join our mailing list below.

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